Better Than a Gym!

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How does that warm up go?

You know, the one we do with the big ball before just about every workout. The one that you do with me. It's 20 reps and the more we do it together, the faster we go. When you get really good at it we even switch to the stability ball that has weight in it.  Ohhh, Ahhh, yes my blue stability ball has sand in it!  That's extra love for you, making the warm up even more challenging.

One famous client never experienced the blue weighted stability ball.  She just thought the noise the SAND made was coming from my nylon sweat pants rubbing together.  No,  my pants are not that noisy! Never the less, a lot of you have been asking for this quick 5 minute video to remind you what the TriSystem Warm up is. 

Do it at home, do it at work,  do it at the beach.  Its "the best little warm-up in Texas, er- California, heck, THE WHOLE PLANET!