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I Hate the Supplement Industry!

After 20 years in the industry I can honestly say “I hate the supplement industry!”  There are so many products and manufacturers that are just pure hype and no science.  Pseudo science, maybe, but no real science.  Fancy bottles and packaging, made up ingredients with scientific sounding names, fast talking salesmen spewing out biochemical BS to the unsuspecting public has just made the consumer skeptical and confused at best.  Even the magazines that help promote most of this garbage are realizing their readers are losing faith.  This graphic in the most popular bodybuilding magazine in the world published this graphic…

The magazine has been dubbed “Muscle and Fiction” by many and in many respects, rightfully so!  The fitness industry has it’s many celebrities, just like any other industry.  It seems like our industry has more than the others.  The problem is the basic mentality of the public.  Perception is reality in marketing and anyone who has a lot of muscle or a six pack must know what he or she is doing and therefor, is an instant expert.  WRONG!  Favorable genetics and following someone else’s advice does not make you an expert.  There is something to be said about raw talent and the ability to master your own body but, knowing your own body does not mean you are an expert on everyone else’s.

So why the rant today?  Because the sports supplement industry climate is so controversial today, it is harmful to the consumer and manufacturer!  I appreciate the clients and associates who take me on my word and trust that the supplement I’ve formulated is legitimate.  Those that don’t know me, meet my request to try my supplement with reservation or even skepticism.  After 20 years in the industry and almost two years of research and experimentation, I’m finally at the point to let people try this for themselves.  I’m inviting others to test and help determine the most effective and thus, recommended dosage.  Our test group is also a focus group to help name this product and present it openly and honestly to the public.

So to dispel any skepticism and to be different in this industry the final stages of development  and launching of this supplement are going to be completely transparent.  Being open and honest and authentic is the only way to bring a truly unique and innovative product to the market.  From the ingredients to the manufacturing plant to the end results of this product, you’ll know whether this product is worth it or not.

So here is a summary of what I’ve developed.  God Willing,  You’ll try some of this stuff!

The Ingredients:  Featuring Our Proprietary TriComplexes, The Power of 3! All ingredients are standardized and tested fro quality, purity and potency and are manufactured by an FDA certified facility.

Currently our product is manufactured by West Coast Laboratories, Inc. a vitamin and nutritional supplement manufacturing company founded in 1967.  This product meets the strict standards of the United States and the United States FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The manufacturing equipment and facilities are continually inspected to satisfy all GMP standards.

High Potency Hormonal Botanical TriComplex:

  • Rhodiola rosea with naturally occurring Rosavins and salidrosides
  • Pausinystalia yohimbe bark powder with naturally occurring yohimbine alkaloids
  • Turnera diffusa leaf powder

This TriComplex is designed to support proper mindset and mood for optimal physical and mental performance within minutes of ingestion.  This complex sets the stage for a great workout or performance, elevating the desire to do your best while simultaneously reducing jitteriness or non-productive stress and enhancing exercise metabolism.

High Potency Antioxidant Botanical TriComplex:

  • Silybum marianum with naturally occurring silymarin
  • Camellia sinensis with naturally occurring polyphenols.
  • Curcuma longa with naturally occurring curcuminoids

This TriComplex has a balanced combination of some of the strongest antioxidants on the planet.  Research is still finding increased cancer fighting and protective qualities of these ingredients designed to protect the body and support ins natural growth and repair response to exercise.

First time users are directed to take a very low dosage and gradually increase to what I’ve found to be the most effective.

Why take my new Supplement?


It will improve your

  1. Mood, reducing stress and increasing readiness to exercise
  2. Metabolism of lipids and protein synthesis
  3. Recovery and adaptation to exercise so you can change faster and protect against over-training and reduce disease risk through anti-oxidant consumption.

Be a part of this, my samples are limited.  Try it before they run out! Register below.  You will automatically be sent to my registration page.  Follow the directions on the registration form to get your samples.

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