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Coach Jeff’s Winter Basketball Team Info

Purely out of convenience, I’m using my website to make a place to share team information.  Please Bookmark this page for info and updates regarding our team for this summer season.


9-10 Division

Team We are the Black Nights

Team Color:  Black, please where black shirts and shorts to the games

Team Roster

(please contact Coach Jeff if your player wants to play a specific position)

Contact information for our team available on request.

***Picture are in!

Regular Practice Time:

  • Mondays, 4-5 pm in the gym with Coach Carlos at the San Carlos Rec Center during the season.
  • Wednesdays from 5-6 pm at the outdoor lighted courts at the San Carlos Rec Center during the season.

*Please bring a 28.5 or regulation size (29.5) basketball and water for each player to each practice

Game Play:

  1. Team Uniforms will be the Black issued team shirts and BLACK SHORTS. ( Issued uniforms may not be available for the first 2 games)
  2. Equal playing time for all players is still a goal for this season. The rules say each player must play a minimum of 8 minutes per half
  3. We will be following the city Youth Basketball league Rules
  4. We will be using size basketballs (28.5 in.), shooting on regulation height rims (10 ft.).  This is different than summer league
  5. Foul shots will be taken from the foul line.
  6. Steeling the ball from an opposing player while dribbling is permissible if agreed on by both coaches prior to the game
  7. Full court press is permissible  the last two minutes of each half.
  8.  Players are prohibited from playing on another basketball team or league during the winter season.

 Our Regular Season Team Schedule:WinterstandingsPost Season Schedule:


Feb. 21 – Saturday Play off week 1 12:45 pm versus Green
Feb. 28 –  Saturday Play off week 2 12:45 pm versus Burgundy (possible 2:45 pm second game)
March 4 – Wednesday Championship  6:15 pm

Record: 3 – 3

January 10th – 13-11 Win over Blue. Jayden 5 pts, Xavier 4 pts, Skylar 2 pts, Hunter 2 pts.

January 17th – 19-28 loss to Red. Jayden 10 pts, Hunter 6 pts, Rylan 2pts

January 24th – 20-21 loss to Bright Green, Jayden 6 pts, Hunter 6 pts, Xavier 4 pts, Adison 2 pts, Noah 2 pts.

January 31st – 15 -26 loss to Burgundy, Jayden 4 pts, Zachary 4 pts, Skylar 5 pts, Hunter 2 pts.

February 7th – 27 -7 Win over Green, Hunter 16 pts, Jayden 7 pts, Xavier 2 pts, Zachary, 2 pts.

February 14th – 26 -9 Win over Blue, Hunter 16 pts, Jayden 6 pts, Austin 2 pts. Seth, 2 pts.

February 21st Post Season – 23-11 Win over green, Hunter 7 pts, Xavier 6 pts., Skylar 2 pts., Jayden 2pts., Rylan 2 pts., Zachary 2pts., Adison 2 Pts.

February 28th Post Season –


Link to dynamic warmup and drills:

Link to TJ Leaf Sports Nutrition: click here

Team Formations:

basketball-winter subs 2-27

basketball-winter subs 2-21

basketball-winter subs 2-14

basketball-winter subs 2-7

basketball-winter subs 1- 31

basketball-winter subs 1- 24

basketball-winter subs 1-17

basketball-winter subs

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