Better Than a Gym!

Dynamic Warmup

The 2015 TriSystem blended Dynamic Warm up continues with a progression from last year’s warmup to include a 41 inch resistance band loop.  It is an 8 minute workout in itself.  Great to activate and elongate muscles.  It is designed to be used most days of the week.

This TriSystem blended Dynamic warm up is a combination of yoga, plyometrics, the Egoscue method, martial arts, stability ball and balance exercises to get your body ready quickly for intense exercise like a TriSystem Studio 30 minute workout.  Follow along with this state-of-the-art routine that can be accomplished in less than 7 minutes if done repeatedly

Anyone can do this initial Seated Dynamic warm up.  It works if you have limitations, if you have never exercised or if you are at a weight or fitness level where you can’t stand for exercise.  Start by doing this 6 minute workout everyday and then progress to the next video after you master this one.

This is the original popular  TriSystem Dynamic Warm up video.  It is the one used most at the TriSystem Center before 2014, for those that have no physical limitations.


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