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The TriSystem EDGE Challenge is complimentary and compatible with any health based business. Our 6 week program promotes increased participation and customer satisfaction with your services and products because participants develop a better mind-body connection. They become more optimistic and motivated for change. This is the ideal tool for increased customer satisfaction and retention to your business!

Could you use more customers? Our program rewards your participants with incentives to use your business and your products.

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Seminar: Breaking Through Personal Plateaus!

A seminar coming to your gym, business or church soon.

This  1 hour Seminar reveals the tools that are the solution to getting out of a rut in your life!  Yes.  I’ve been called the “Plateau Buster” by many many people and I’ve learned that the strategies for overcoming sticking points have a a similarity whether they be physical, emotional or spiritual.  These strategies can be used to:

  • Lose weight
  • Gain energy
  • Increase performance
  • Overcome fears
  • Improve finances
  • Improve relationships
  • Improve job performance
  • Decrease stage fright
  • Improve mood and attitude
  • Break bad habits and create good ones
  • Become  more creative
  • Become a better witness
  • Become more optimistic

This program is a journey though common reasons why people get stuck and the science based solutions to bust through plateaus.  After close to three decades of research and experience, I’ve learned what the difference between a world record breaker and the rest of us is.  These athletic strategies can be applied to so many areas of our lives.  Come out and be entertained and learn personal development through exercise and nutrition strategies that have been proven to have a spiritual, physical and emotional effect on your life.

Here is a sample of some of the course, setting the stage for developing optimism:

A pessimist is a person who is seasick during the entire voyage of life.

“Optimism is akin to faith; pessimism is akin to doubt. To which are you akin?

The story is told of a man who went into a restaurant with no money, figuring on paying for his meal with the pearl he hoped to find in the oyster he planned to order. That’s an optimist! Then there was the man who refused to get married because he was sure he could never find a girl who deserved to be as happy as he would make her. That’s a pessimist!
Somewhere in between is contentment and purposeful living, the person who, without denying the harsh realities of his present situation, can still focus all the promises and provisions provided to him, allowing him to rise above his circumstances.  How can you truly comfort a friend or family member who is hurting emotionally, physically, or spiritually today? Plan carefully what you will say… and won’t say. Then pay that person a comforting visit.“  (Paraphrased from my Devotional Studies: The Daily Walk)

Use our botanical toolbox and eat foods and nutrients that promote good mood, metabolism and recovery. FIND YOUR EDGE!

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The TriSystem EDGE Challenge

Six Weeks to True Success

Results from the last Challenge Contest!


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It’s not just about the changes you’ll make at the finish line, it’s about the positive changes you’ll keep making in your life and the people around you.

  • Judged by participation based on our unique point system so crash dieting or extreme programs won’t help you win.

Participants Received

  • Awards…
    • 1st Place: $1000.
    • 2nd Place: $100.
    • 3rd Place: $50.
  • Complete body fat tracking along the way.
  • A “Find Your EDGE” Reminder bracelet
  • An instructional, educational Nutrition Seminar
  • Daily motivation and mindset/behavior modification tools
  • A completion shirt for those who successfully complete THE CHALLENGE
  • A Completion and Awards Party.
  • A chance to win FREE participation
  • A chance to win a FREE Basic and Winners Package
  • A chance to win FREE TriSystem EDGE supplements

1st Place


 Noble Craver:

I love this product! It gives me that extra EDGE to get up early in the morning and get my workout done, but it also keeps me going throughout the day with energy. I have noticed an extra spring in my step and a smile on my face. It has also helped with my metabolism and recovery tremendously. I have lost over 30lbs so far and I now have that extra EDGE to propel myself even further!


2nd Place

  • Paul mcFall

     Paul McFall:

    The EDGE has really given me an extra burst of energy for my workouts. My recovery is faster and I feel more motivated to stay with my fitness program.

    3rd Place

    Julie Kirk
     Julie Kirk:

    I am someone who has not exercised very much in my lifetime. I have plateaued for years and just didn’t have the “want to.” I recently heard about EDGE and started taking it pre and post workout. I not only began to lose weight, build muscle and recover faster, but I found I was just happier! I never expected it to affect my mood in such a positive way…and I’m a positive person. Being a health nut I have a critical eye toward ingredients in supplements and was very pleased to find EDGE was not only all natural, but the herbs included were of the highest quality. Now I’m pumped to work out every day. Go figure…and go try it!

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