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Find Your Thing! – Great Fitness Lessons from a Kaiser Commercial



Kaiser has this short 30 second commercial and it really touches on something important for maintaining fitness. Click play above if you haven't already. Personal Fitness is such an individual thing.  There are literally millions of ways to get fit.  A variety of workouts, foods and supplements will get the job done in different combinations.  The key is to find what works for you.  Its "gotta work!"  What you do has to be effective.  The problem is a lot of the time, the most direct route to fitness is not something you want to do.  If you don't like it, you won't keep doing it.  If it doesn't become a habit, you just started down the road to yo-yo fitness.  Getting fit, then not, then fit again is hard on the body.

The trick is to find something that you like enough to keep doing that also works.  There are a lot of choices out there. Some choices are awesome at first, then, not so much.  It's like eating your favorite meal. Even though it's your favorite, after eating it seven days in a row, it's not your first choice on the eighth day.  That is why it is good to have several different favorite meals and workout routines, even different supplements you cycle through. 

I know I can eat the same thing until I wear it out.  Then I don't want it no matter how good it is for me.

Lesson 1:  Eat with enough variety that you don't wear out meals and foods.

I'm guilty of doing the same workout over and over because I initially saw great results.  Even though I hit a solid plateau, I stuck with it, because I liked i, and I always thought back to the original results. Sometimes I'd keep progressing in a workout, pushing harder and harder until I was on the edge of injury or just plain over-trained.

Lesson 2: Change your workout often enough that you prevent plateaus and injuries.

Taking those super-duper supplements can really give you an ergogenic edge or at least a placebo effect.  Especially with pre workout supplements that contain stimulants.  Your body can build a tolerance to caffiene and other nutrients, just like it can to alcohol.

Lesson 3:  When it comes to supplements, more is not always better.  Remember to take a break from your supplement regime and switch things up.

Well, there is some food-for-thought, pun intended and three lessons.  Of course 3.  This is TriSystem for crying out loud.  It's gotta be 3.  I hope your thinking about your fitness, working smarter, not harder.

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