Better Than a Gym!

The TriSystem FIX if you’ve eaten too much over the Thanksgiving weekend!

It’s that time of year, in the middle of the holiday season when we are fattening and looking for ways to get all the festivities done.  Party, celebrate and eat more.  Working out and eating right gets pushed right out the door.   Well…Just because you’re not doing the right thing right now doesn’t mean you won’t in 2017.

We all know we need to eat better and exercise more and TriSystem wants to make that happen with our famous end of the year SALE.  It’s just like we do every year but even better this year.  The sale is the same as previous years.  If you know you’re going to be training in 2017, why not commit to it now and save hundreds, even thousands of $$ by paying for it in one cash payment for the whole year.  That’s it!  Save by making the commitment.  Clients say they come more if they’ve paid for the year in advance.  Do it!  It’s a win win!

Here’s what’s new…

Research shows that the more often you train, the better your results.  its not about how hard you train or how long you workout.  Those who workout more often get fit and stay fit longer.  So,  members who are training at least 2 times a week and paying $359 or more per month get

our Unlimited FitCamp! Class Pass for FREE! 

Yup!  now you can get 3,4.5 or even 6 TriSystem Workouts in a week and make 2017 the year you transformed!


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