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Economists Say Inflation, Is that of Prices our Your Waistline?

So the economy is bad, that’s just one more excuse to not exercise and go get some frozen yogurt or drink a few tonight.  While some businesses are suffering, others are thriving.  You can read this article to learn how to convert your suffering business into a thriving one. Comfort food and alcohol sales are up.  People are self medicating with the wrong medicine.

Do you know what other business is thriving?

Auto maintenance and repair shops.  Yes, people are trying to extend the life of their cars rather than purchase new ones.  All of a sudden, changing the oil and getting a tune up became more important.  So what about your body?  You can’t buy a knew one.  It’s time for a “tune-up”

  • What’s your target meals per day?
  • What’s your target calories and nutrient balance per meal?
  • Oh yeah, and what’s your body fat, or do you really want to know?


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