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Heart Disease or Cancer: Pick one! or NOT!

Let's forget about the economy or the election or gas prices for one minute.  Don't you realize that there is something much more important going on here? All these other things are distractions.  They may even be distracting you to the point of death.  Yes, death!  Sound extreme? Well it isn't.  Take a moment to receive this reality check.  Regardless of all the medical advancements, research, new medications and treatments, the American lifespan has decreased by as much as 5 years. (references for this article provided at the end).

Here are the facts:

  • heart disease is the leading cause of death in America

  • cancer is the second leading cause of death in America

  • cancer is the leading cause of death in American children, ages 1-14



Get ready!  If you haven't mourned the premature lose of a friend or family member, the odds are, you will in the near future.  I've dealt with cancer myself in 1998.  Between my family, my clients and my church, I deal with several people a day fighting the battle against these two leading killers.  It's simply overwhelming.  The damage these diseases are causing is widespread.  A solution to these health problems would have such an economic, social and even spiritual impact, it would change the world. 

What would the world be like with no Heart Disease or Cancer?

We already spend millions and millions of dollars in treatment and research for the cure.  What can we do more?  What if it was already out there?  Well It is!  Yes, I said… it is.  No this is not some magic pill.  No it's not from a late night infomercial or multi-level–marketing company.  This is REAL!

The Facts:

  • 80% of all heart disease deaths can be prevented through this method!

  • 80% of all cancer deaths can be prevented through this method!

That's right.  Most of the deaths in American can be prevented if we just implement this method today.  The problem with the method is that it is difficult to do and, even if you implement this protocol, there are still 20% who will still get these diseases.  So what if you or a member of your family are part of that 20%?  Is it still worth trying something difficult to do in order to prevent suffering and premature death?  You tell me!  I'd hate to be one of those people with regrets.  What's worse than dying from a degenerative disease is facing the fact that you may have prevented it.  That is much harder than doing what it takes to keep these diseases away.

The answer…

The method…

The protocol…

Is radically changing the way you eat.  It is committing to vigorous exercise most days a week.  It is being conscious of your environment and what you expose yourself to.  It is paying attention to the water you drink, the air you breath and the sleep you get.  It is being conscious of what you expose your body to, inside and out.   The main problem with this solution is that it is summed up in an easy answer called a healthy lifestyle program.

The problem with a healthy lifestyle program is that if you ask most people if they follow a healthy lifestyle, they would say YES! And they're not even close.

We are just fooling ourselves.  For the first time in history, if the statistics are not changed, this generation may outlive their children.  Did you comprehend that last sentence?  We may soon be burying our children from epidemic diseases like diabetes, obesity and heart disease.  We are already seeing it from cancer!  Visit a children's hospital.  Ask St. Jude's Cancer Center for Children.  You can stand by and let it happen, or you can do something about it right now!

  • Do the hard thing!  Get the right eating plan…and follow it!

  • Get on a progressive fitness plan that you will do most days…and do it!

  • Take high nutrient, low calorie anti-oxidants to help clean the free radicals out of our bodies!


Oh, yeah, that's the TriSystem Program.  It's been around for almost 20 years and it has radically changed the lives of those who are committed to change.  It keeps changing everyday.  If you've been on the program before, you better get an update because, things have… radically changed!

The Choice is yours: Heart Disease or Cancer:  Pick one!  or NOT.

In San Diego?  Time to come in and get on track before Halloween candy, Football parties,  The Election, Thanksgiving leftovers, Christmas Party Bonuses, Christmas Dinner Leftovers, Hanukah, Quanza and New Years Hangovers pick one for you!  Call 858-694-0317.

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Check out tomorrow's post for a video on the same subject!



NASN Personal Trainer Text: Principles and Labs for Fitness and Wellness, 11th Edition, 2012, Werner W. K. Hoeger, Sharon A. Hoeger , Wadsworth, Cengage Learning, Belmont, CA 94002-3098



My New Supplement is even Safer than Pharmaceutical GRADE! How can that be?

This is why I hate the supplement industry.  There is so much misinformation out there. Even the government can be misleading.  Here is the truth…

When ever you release a new supplement people want to know:

  1. What does it do?
  2. Does it work?
  3. Is it safe?

Well an all natural, botanical product that has a sports nutrition and a holistic health benefit just seems too good to be true!  Let’s face it, if I was introduced to my product, I would be a little skeptical to begin with, as well.  How could six herbs positively effect my mood, metabolism and my recovery form exercise?  The real magic in this supplement isn’t from the ingredients as they stand alone but, the combination of these nutrients as they work together to invoke a synergistic effect.  So together, in the right combination, these six ingredients work better than if just taken in various amounts alone.

To review the ingredients:

High Potency Hormonal Botanical TriComplex:

  • Rhodiola rosea standardized to min. 3% total Rosavins and min. 1% salidrosides
  • Pausinystalia yohimbe bark powder standardized to 2% yohimbine alkaloids
  • Turnera diffusa leaf powder

This TriComplex is designed to support proper mindset and mood for optimal physical and mental performance within minutes of ingestion.  This complex sets the stage for a great workout or performance, elevating the desire to do your best while simultaneously reducing jitteriness or non-productive stress and enhancing exercise metabolism.

High Potency Antioxidant Botanical TriComplex:

  • Silybum marianum seeds standardized to 40% silymarin
  • Camellia sinensis standardized to 10% polyphenols.
  • Curcuma longa standardized to 80% curcuminoids

This TriComplex has a balanced combination of some of the strongest antioxidants on the planet.  Research is still finding increased cancer fighting and protective qualities of these ingredients designed to protect the body and support ins natural growth and repair response to exercise.

In answering the question, “What Does it Do?”  We are just scratching the surface in these posts.  After the test group is complete, I will give a complete report of how this supplement works in depth.  Suffice it to say that it positively benefits mood for exercise, potentiates metabolism of fat and protein synthesis and enhances recovery from exercise.

The answer to the question, “Does it Work?”  Well, the research say’s so.  My own use of it speaks to its validity.  I’ve been using and testing this combination for years and this combination has been instrumental in getting me to the best fitness level of my life, in my mid forties.  I’m in better shape now than when I was an active US Marine!  The first test group is also validating this as fact.  For as long as this product is around, we will continue to test it and improve it based on these continual studies.

The main focus of this post is the third question, “Is it safe?”  Let me start by saying all the ingredients in this product are safe!  Five out of the six ingredients have rare, if any, side effects when taken individually and within our first study group, have not been questioned at all.  The green tea has minimal amounts of naturally occurring caffeine that is less than a half of a cup of coffee.

The only ingredient that has been questioned is yohimbe bark.  Is it potentially an herb with side effects or not.  It is not the “Black Sheep that some websites make it out to be.  Yohimbe bark is the raw, naturally occurring part of the plant that the active ingredient yohimbine is derived from. In the whole bark form that I have chosen, it contains only 2% yohimbine.  Yohimbe bark doesn’t contain just yohimbine, but also 55 other alkaloids.   Among the other alkaloids, corynanthine is an alpha-1 adrenergic receptor blocker . Hence the use of yohimbe bark in sufficient dosages may provide both alpha-1 and alpha-2 adrenoceptors blockade and thus may better enhance circulation and readiness to exercise.

Natural Yohimbe bark

Pharmaceutical Yohimbine

Adverse effects have been reported from excessive consumption or high dosages of yohimbine extract that has been isolated and concentrated from its natural form, not from consuming yohimbe bark in its natural form.

“Although tolerated generally well in low doses, the potential for dose-dependent toxicity should be recognized.”  To much of a good thing can be a bad thing.

Journal of Dietary Supplements, December 2011, Vol. 8, No. 4 , Pages 346-354, Yohimbine Use for Physical Enhancement and Its Potential Toxicity,  (doi:10.3109/19390211.2011.615806)

Medical Concerns of taking pharmaceutical yohimbine:

Those with chronic high blood pressure or those who take monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs) medication may be sensitive to certain foods as well as yohimbe. If you are sensitive to the following list of foods or if you’ve been told to avoid these foods, you may also be sensitive to yohimbine. 

In any case this list of  tyramine containing foods should be consumed in moderation and even avoided for those who are sensitive or who have high blood pressure:

  • cheeses, including american, blue, boursault, brick, brie, camembert, cheddar, emmenthaler, gruyere, mozzarella, parmesan, romano, roquefort, stilton, and swiss;
  • sour cream and yogurt;
  • beef or chicken liver, fish, meats prepared with tenderizer, bologna, pepperoni, salami, summer sausage, game meat, meat extracts, caviar, dried fish, herring, shrimp paste, and tuna;
  • avocados, bananas, figs, raisins, and sauerkraut;
  • soy sauce, miso soup, bean curd, and fava beans;
  • yeast extracts;
  • ginseng;
  • chocolate;
  • caffeine (coffee, tea, cola, etc.); and
  • beer (alcoholic and nonalcoholic), red wine (especially Chianti), sherry, vermouth, and other distilled spirits.

Benefits of Yohimbe Bark

Studies around yohimbe bark and the active alkaloid show enhanced fat loss.

“Furthermore, fat mass was significantly lower in the yohimbine versus placebo trial at post supplementation assessment.”

Research in Sports Medicine: An International Journal, Volume 14, Issue 4, 2006,

Whole yohimbe bark has been shown to absorb and help remove heavy metals like copper and nickel from our bodies.

“When comparing both biomaterials, yohimbe bark … was found to be the most efficient adsorbent for both metals studied.”

Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology,Volume 75, Issue 9, pages 812–816, September 2000;2-B/abstract;jsessionid=11399AEB941174F7902C65D3919F0A35.d02t01?deniedAccessCustomisedMessage=&userIsAuthenticated=false

The Bottom Line? 

The new TriSystem Supplement does contain a small amount of natural yohimbe bark NOT pharmaceutical yohimbine.  The dosage of yohimbe bark is safe and effective and the benefits outweigh the potential side effects that some people may experience.  Follow the dosages in the study to be safe and get the best results!

Supplements are not for everyone.  Only you can determine if this supplement is right for you.

People are Excited to Recieve the Samples!

Well we've started to hand out the samples of "Alpha Supplement"  to "Test Group 1"  yesterday and the samples are going fast.  If you already sent us your registration form, you can schedule a time to pick up the sample pack with instructions or just wait for them to be mailed. 

Remember, Test Group 1 participants need to complete a survey after taking each dosage.  The survey can be found here.

"I just feel so healthy… Your knowledge is a blessing.  Saved my life as far as I know." Robin Senne

If Miss California is sporting this new supplement, shouldn't you be taking it?

Register to be part of our New Supplement Test Group below.

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Are you on Vacation? What about Mobile Food Component Choices?

Are you on Vacation? Not Cooking at home?

Your long weekend could really use some mobile protein.  This is where my friends, Egon and Eric of Nutrimart have several products, just for this purpose.  The hardest part of traveling is mobile protein. Yes, you should have protein in every meal when possible.  Don't skip a meal if there is simply no protein.  Here are some mobile meal components:
Mobile/Convenient Proteins:
Quest bars (1 bar is a serving)
Whey Protein (1/2 scoop is a serving)
Complete Cookies (1/2 is a serving)
Liquid Isopure (1/2 bottle is a serving)
Supermarket/convenience store
Greek Yogurt (4 oz)
Cottage Cheese (4 oz.)
Edemame (4 oz)
Hardboiled egg
Turkey Sandwhich (1/2)
Albacore Tuna Packets or single serving cans
Mobile/Convenient Fats:
Walnuts (tbs.)
Almonds (tbs.)
Peanuts (tbs.)
Macadamian nuts (tbs.)
Order olive oil and vinegar on a salad, out (tbs.)
Mobile/Convenient Carbs:

all fruits and Vegetables (limited to 2 cups per meal)

Mom’s Apple Pie

Dessert isn't always bad. Watch this weekend drive that's worth the trip! Mom's is a quaint Julian Bakery that smells like Grandma's house on Thanksgiving day. Offering a variety of fresh fruit pies, including sugar-free options, Mom's can easily fit into a TriSystem Nutrition and Fitness plan, without guilt or regret. Remember, there are no bad foods, just bad portions and a single slice of Mom's goodness will make you feel like you had a wholesome desert without destroying all your progress.

Anita Nichols, the owner of Mom's didn't want to go on camera but, she assures the fitness conscious among us that all her pies are made from scratch with basic ingredients. The video is filmed at one of 2 of her locations:

Mom 's Pies Wynola
4510 Hwy. 78
Julian, Ca 93036

Check Mom's out for a dessert that won't destroy your fitness goals, tastes good and has nutritional value.


The 7 Weeks to a Swimsuit Summer Countdown, 6 More Weeks!

Are you already seeing changes?  I am! And the members that have been by the TriSystem Center have.  In just 1 week of making these simple food and exercise changes, it is pretty amazing how the body responds.  By now, you've completed your assessment and found your way around the software.   Log in to see what's in store for you today.  Your home screen says what's next.

The left side is your daily menus and the right side is your workouts.  You can easily print out menus, grocery lists and workouts for each day from the buttons at the bottom of the home screen.  Most members already know this but, did you see the other menu options on the right side?

The Metabolic profile tab tells you what you need to know if you don't have the planned meal to eat in front of you.  It explains the parameters that you need to follow to keep getting results.

Do you know how many calories you burn in a day?

Do you know the range of calories you need to eat per meal?

How about the distribution of proteins, carbs and fats?

How should your next meal look if it is at a restaurant or a friends house?

The Metabolic Profile Tab  answers these questions so you can stay on the plan ANYWHERE!

Here is an example of a Platinum Club Members's Metabolic Profile:

Analysis of your assessment answers indicates you burn 2065 calories/day. We have classified you as a 'regular' eater type. Your RMR has been calculated to be 1461 calories. Your SAF is calculated to be 415 calories.

To achieve your goals we have set your program to the following values:

Daily Minimum Calories   1461.00 calories.
Daily Maximum Calories       2065.00 calories
Metabolism Type       normal
Meals Per Day       5
Meal Protein%       30.00
Meal Carbohydrate%       50.00
Meal Fat%       20.00
Breakfast Calorie Percent       0.20
Lunch Calorie Percent       0.20
Dinner Calorie Percent       0.20
Pre-Workout Calorie Percent       0.20
Post-Calorie Percent       0.20

This member has a big range of calories.  Her program will have low calorie days as low as 1600 calories and high days as high as 2000.  Her calories are equally distributed throughout the day with each meal portion being around:

  • 1/3 lean meat, low fat dairy and egg whites, fish and fowl
  • 1/2 fruits, vegetables and whole grains
  • 1/5 cold pressed oils, avocados and nuts

This is information you can use from YOUR Metabolic Profile to choose meals and snacks when your out and about to keep you on track!

Remember, Just keep Loging in to WIN!

Still not a Platinum Member?  Become one Now!

Your Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist,

Jeff Kotterman

Secrets to Eating Better Than Before!

To connect with Santos, my client seen above, visit his website at www.santosministries.orgSantos also works with drug and alcohol rehab resources.  Feel free to contact him anytime.

Before Jack LaLane died, I had a chance to talk with him in a radio interview. I asked him this question: "What do you think is harder to do: exercise correctly or eat right? You'll never guess what he said. In another post, I'll share a link to that interview. Our opinions differ in this question. Exercising 5 days a week is great for fitness, you only have to make the right decision 5 times in a whole week. Eating correctly is a little more challenging for me because I eat 5 or 6 times a day. That's 30+ correct decisions per week. Not only do I have to choose to stop and eat at the right time, I also have to choose to eat the right foods in the correct portions. That's a lot more decision making!
That is why you need to plan what your eating for the day. You need to know what you're going to eat before its time to eat. And it's gotta have the right nutrients in the right portions for the right amount of calories. That way each meal, your keeping your metabolism up while fat burning and muscle building at the same time. That is why I created the Cafe Club. We need to have a place to go that knows who we are, what we like, what we need and most of all…. What we should eat! Want to know what you should eat? Become a member:

To get the Premium TriSystem experience, join my Platinum Club, click here.

To focus on your food, join my Cafe Club, showing you what's the best for your body to eat, click here.