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San Diego Low Carb Community Meeting Set for May 19th

This month the theme is motivation and exercise. Dr. Bret Scher, the low carb cardiologist will speak briefly with Dr. Brian Lenzkes, your low carb advisor, Your sports nutritionist Jeff Kotterman and your clinical nutritionist Rachel Gregory will also speak briefly on the subject.

Our motivational speaker will be Wasim Hajjiri, a professional athlete who is keto and just published an Amazon best selling book, Wasim the Dream.

Doug and Pam from Low Carb USA will also be there representing our parent, National Organization.

Plus we will have Lauren Hilemon’s special keto treats and other keto friendly vendors there. We hope to see you all back for another great, health minded gathering.

If you have Facebook,  please log in and say you are going here.

Low Carb SD Member Reminder for April 21st Meeting!

Hey!  I was just reminded that everyone is not on Facebook!  So this is a late reminder that our monthly meeting is happening at the TriSystem Center, this Saturday, April 21st, from 12:30-2:30.  We hope to see you there.

Stay connected to the Low Carb advocates of the San Diego area. If you are following a low carb diet, a LCHF or a Ketogenic nutrition plan, this meeting is for you. Come get acquainted with others who share a passion for getting and staying healthy through the low carb lifestyle.

This months meeting will include:

– Rachel from Killin It Keto
– Body Comp DEXA Scans (sign up here:
– RMR Testing
– TONS of Raffle Prizes (check Killin It Keto’s posts for more info)
– Keto Bakery SD will be in the house with some awesome keto treats (

Bring your friends/family and come check out this great group of health minded, fun loving, genuine people.

And a special Surprise for our paid membership Group!

TriSystem to Host the March Low Carb SD Club Event

You asked for it, you got it!

This next meeting is FREE!

The meetings started by Dr Brian Lenzkes and his team of professionals continue with the March meeting of the Low carb SD Club.  Come join us for more round table discussions, questions and answers, motivational testimony and more.  We will provide different resources and interesting low carb lifestyle tools, people and event s each month.  Here is how it works:  We provide the venue, people and organize the event each month, to include a cool website.  You help to provide and promote the Low Carb SD Community by becoming members and inviting others to join in the fun.  If you already are involved with one of our programs, YOU ALREADY ARE A MEMBER.  See the list:

  • We will have approved compelling authors for book signings.
  • We will have programs and tools presented and available.
  • We will have opportunities for clinical measurement like RMR testing, Dexa scan and caliper body comp.
  • We already have several PAID MEMBERS. Are you one?
  • If your not on the list, becoming a member is easy, Just go here.  

We will offer a founding members price for the following months.  It’s just introductory $17 a month, no commitment, it’s month to month! As long as you keep your membership, the price will stay the same.  as our membership grows, the price will increase for new members.  Be a Founding Member! Well worth it to continue to grow what we’ve started into something even better!