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Special Part-time Position

The TriSystem Health Network is looking for that one special person to lead our New TriSystem 6 week Keto Challenge.  This comprehensive low carb/high fat program rewards you for your progress! It includes our unique clinical assessment, individualized nutrition and dynamic training sessions scheduled at different times.  It includes an accountability coaching and progress checks.  This unique proven program is changing lives and we need a leader to supervise its growth!

Tina and Jeff – Founders of TriSystem

We are currently interviewing applicants who want to take their fitness career to the next level. Please email your resume to . This new, separate program at the TriSystem Center in San Diego, Ca is past the test phase and is ready to launch in the next 30 days and will have a period of growth and development.  Those interested will be responsible for the whole program including initial assessment, sales, reviewing program binders, and training, encouraging and assisting as an accountability coach.  The TriSystem Challenge Manager will be trained in a coaching and sales process that will drive the program to grow and expand to increase membership and its support by more team members as needed. Average expected part time income is $1000-1500 with plenty of opportunity to increase as the program grows. Our CM will make $30 per 30 minute group session, $30 per hr. for one to one training and 10% commission in sales as a private contractor.

Challenge Manager Responsibilities:

  • Have regular scheduled time for new member appointments
  • Have regular scheduled times for 3 week check-in and sales
  • Maintain a current PT certification
  • Have regular scheduled class times on Wednesdays, Friday afternoons, and Saturday afternoons.  Optional times on Sundays or early mornings
  • Make every effort to retain participants
  • Promote refer a friend sales and be available to sign up referrals
  • Be available for one to one training sessions
  • Be challenge members’ accountability coach
  • Have interest in growing the TriSystem Challenge group eventually managing other trainers, focusing on increasing membership and retention.
The New Program
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