Writing Incredible, Tasty, Result-Producing Menus!

"WoW Jeff! Those menus are fabulous! I absolutely love how you always incorporate what is seasonally available. It makes following the nutrition portion of your plan very easy!

Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!"

 – Sandi Foreman, TriSystem Ministry Club Member

Emails like this fuel my passion to keep doing what I do.  What if every one of your clients felt the same way about the menus you wrote.  That is the way it should be.  Keeping your food plans fresh and current wirth the seasons is one way to keep your clients compliant.  So here's a question…

What Fruits & Vegetables are in Season?

Here are links to a great website promoting fruits and veggies with lists of what are in season when

Want to learn more?  Sandi has inspired me to lower the price of my weekly Contemporary Menu Writing Classes!
Now they're only $34 per month for weekly, interactive sessions with me and other nutrition professionals.  Are you thinking about trying it?  It's month to month.  What will a month's worth of new ideas do for your menu writting skills?  The sessions are even recorded for you if you can't attend the live sessions.

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