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Want a Better Place to See your Clients?

Personal training and sports nutrition counseling are a very competitive business. More trainers and sports nutritionists are entering the market everyday. The economy is driving the price of things up while consumers are looking for the best deal. This drives the price per session down.

But you are a good trainer/nutritionist who gets results. You are better than the rest! You love what you do and this is your career. So how do you get paid what you're worth? How do you make the most of your time with your clients? Some have a part time career working for others but most successful fitness professionals really establish themselves once they start working for themselves.

When are you going to take that step? Are you ready to make and keep the money your clients are spending on you rather than a portion? Are you ready to be your own boss? Well here is your opportunity!  Whether you are a new fitness pro or an established one, already working for yourself, this is an opportunity to work in a great environment while keeping your overhead low.

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