Software Guide

This is the Free Basic Guide designed to get you going with the fundamentals of using the TriSystem Pro Software. 


1.  Login in and navigation

2.  Setting up your Sign-up page for your members (No Longer available)

3.  Adding a client and doing the assessment in-office

4. Generating TriSystem Programs for your clients

  • perfectly balanced meals and menus

  • Assigning menus to dates

  • specific routines and workouts


  • specific supplement regimes

For more advanced techniques, tools and tutorials, become a member of my TriSystem Pros Group who are on the fast track to perfect program production.


Every software system has it's bugs and fixes because all software is a perpetual work in progress.  Here is a list of known bugs and fixes we are aware of and working on.

1. Don't use apostrophes (') in any form fields to be saved.  It will not save the form data correctly.

2.  If you mark a workout private, you will have to mark it public amd save it in order to bring it into another member's account.

3. Saved notes in routines, meals and menus may be duplicated, in a different order or omitted when printing or viewing in pirnt mode.

3b.  Notes cannot be deleted from routines (404 error)

4.  Exercises may be displayed in a different order on the home screen and exercise history page than when viewing or printing.

5.  The Dietary Analysis print button prints unformated.  Print using the web browser print options rather than the button.

6. When editing an exercise, the Rep  and Rest Fields fields display different numbers and need to be re-entered.


Features Needed

1.  Saved Routines should be able to change order for different sequencing in the order of routines

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