Good Advice to Follow When Chatting with Clients

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Training clients often involves entertaining and listening to their “stories”.  We have all sat through sessions where regardless of how intense, clients still want to talk and babble.   Depending on the day, I may or may not be in the mood to hear how great their last trip was.  My mental response “I was here trying to fill your time slot so I can make my bills, thank you very much.”

However, the opposite is true; clients may not be in the mood to hear my stories or my life’s B.S.

Shocking as this may sound; clients do not always want to hear what you have to say!I know, it is a real blow to your EGO that people my find your words pointless.  I guess it is all in the day.

Keep in mind that you should always separate your personal and professional life.  No matter how thin the line, or how “cool” the client is.  If you are clouding sessions with you personal issues both mentally and verbally then Stop it.

Keep some space in your sessions between your service and your life.  Deliver the value and the experience the client’s deserve.

Part of servicing the client is to be entertaining along with providing amazing physical content.  If you want to chat call a friend, leave it out of the session.

Don’t get me wrong, I communicate some of my life to clients in session but not everything.  The fact is most sessions group or personal, should be consumed with “working out” not hanging out.

BTW – if you have other trainer’s in your business then keep an eye out for this.

Here is a challenge and some advice for you regarding this little issue.

The Challenge and the Advice:

  • For the next few sessions monitor session chatter.
  • Understand that you are there to create the exercise experience not talk to a friend.
  • See if you can skew the chatter to get client’s more motivated.
  • Limit how deep you go into your personal life.  (Client’s only need to know so much)
  • Always try to reverse the information exchange so they are telling you something vs. you blabbering on about your issues.

Last point- The rates you charge and the respect you deserve are directly related to how professional you are in session. Blabbering on about how traumatic your situation is or how great you are is not the purpose of the session.  It is hard to ask for respect and $150.00 when you spent the last hour sulking to your client about your life.  Client perception is part of staying successful in modern fitness times.

A trainer or coach is there to: teach, coach, guide, motivate, monitor, adjust, and exchange compensation for an amazing exercise experience that is building on the next.

Success is yours, Take it!

Michael Libercci

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