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Ever feel frustrated about the inability to see what actually is in a product?  As nutrition professionals we are centered on finding out what nutrients are best and in what amounts.  After we figure this out for our clients, now the challenge remains in finding foods that have these nutirents in the right amounts.  What about calculating the nutrients in a recipe or meal or even whole day of meals or a menu?  Well here is the answer:

All you need is the $5 TriSystem software. It has the USDA Database of foods and a whole lot more.  Currently the list is at 15,362 foods and growing.  If the food is not in the database, you can add it with this form.

Now the problem with the FDA Food label is that some nutrients are listed as Percentages of the Recommended Daily Allowance.  What the heck are thos daily values?  Well rather than having to look them up, our software just asks for the percentages.  Well if you must know, here is the latest list of the most common nutrients showing 100%:

The latest place the FDA has this on the web is the following URL.  Be aware that the FDA website is known for moving things around a lot so if the link doesnt show the information, the chart below is current as of the date of this post.

Food Component


Total Fat

65 grams (g)

Saturated Fat

20 g


300 milligrams (mg)


2,400 mg


3,500 mg

Total Carbohydrate

300 g

Dietary Fiber

25 g


50 g

Vitamin A

5,000 International Units (IU)

Vitamin C

60 mg


1,000 mg


18 mg

Vitamin D

400 IU

Vitamin E

30 IU

Vitamin K

80 micrograms µg


1.5 mg


1.7 mg


20 mg

Vitamin B6

2 mg


400 µg

Vitamin B12

6 µg


300 µg

Pantothenic acid

10 mg


1,000 mg


150 µg


400 mg


15 mg


70 µg


2 mg


2 mg


120 µg


75 µg


3,400 mg

Now you can add new food items and input the exact nutrient value.  This is great because now you can get an accurate Nutrition Analysis of any food, recipe, meal or menu.  Check it out:

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  1. I am very happy to read this. This is the kind of info that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that is at other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this reference doc.

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