An Easy Way to Make You Stand Out In Front of All Those Other Trainers Out There

I got an email from a newly certified trainer a few days ago and it was one of those rare ones in my inbox that just tugged at my heart. The guy has all the aptitude and potential in the world. He did really well with his NASN PT course and he's ready to go and help people. The problem is that the economy has shrunk the client market as the number of fitness professionals continues to increase. Getting a good job at a gym where they feed you clients is becoming harder and harder. The experienced trainer that has a client base has a huge advantage over the new guy. The experienced trainer has a base of referrals and a reputation with the staff. How can the new guy compete? Most likely, he can't. Unless he has a world class physique and charisma of a movie star, the new guy will just be viewed as inexperienced and untested, unless he can provide something that the other trainers can't. Enter the NASN Licensed Sports Nutritionist. A licensed professional who can provide the clients of other fitness professionals with specific menus and supplement advice. There is a lot of nutrition guru-ism out there and even the most educated, experienced trainers seem distracted by their client's nutrition questions. The major personal training organizations that certify have the position that personal trainers should only give general nutrition advice and leave the specific meal and menu planning to a registered dietician or other nutrition professional. That other nutrition professional should be YOU. Even if you're the new guy, now you have something different to offer and if you agree to not steal away the other trainer's existing clients. 

It's a simple way to get noticed and get better results than your competition!  Remember:  Abs are made in the kitchen.  If you are not addressing each meal, you are not getting your clients the best results.  So here are the simple steps:

1.  Get your Primary Sports Nutrition license throu the NASN and start showing off your certificate.  There is a seminar coming up in San Diego or a distgance learning program that is one-to-one with your instructor.  CHeck it out at  The seminar is on Mueller College campus.  

Primary Sports Nutritionist-  NEW DATE: September 29th-30th, 2012, San Diego, CA

2.  Get the TriSystem Method for $5 and start delivering the best custom menus for your clients.  Simply the best option.  Go to the home page of this blog and get it done.  Its a No Brainer!


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