Fitness Professionals… Are you a great one? Do you live the lifestyle and practice what you preach? Do people interested in fitness just gravitate to you? Are you a highly professional Personal Trainer or Sports Nutritionist. My name is Jeff Kotterman,Director of the National Association of Sports Nutrition, and creator of the TriSystem Method.  Through the years, I’ve met hundreds of fitness professionals, and surprisingly, most didn’t have a system or method to developing individual plans for their clients.

Everyone wants Results. Phenomenal, Head-Turning Results!

As a fitness professional, you and your clientele are under the watchful eye of the public and potential customers who judge your competence based on what they see. They want to see obvious results. Results that motivate and inspire them to also follow your expertise.
I’ve developed a new system that helps you create your own or use our extensive library of workouts, meals, menus, recipes and supplement recommendations and integrate them all into a day by day plan, in minutes. Save hours and hours of time and get Incredible results!
  • Your unique workouts
  • Your custom built menus
  • Your recommended Supplements.
Presented in an easy-to-follow plan, telling your clients to do exactly what, when.
Personal Trainers, Coaches, Sports Nutritionists, Fitness Chefs other Fitness Professionals can register for the System for only $25 per month! 
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