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Online Program Guide

Having trouble using the program?  Have questions?  Well, I have answers!  Browse the topics below for quick and easy explanations and instructions.  Still can’t find what you are looking for? Use the search field at the top right of this page to search a term on my site. Please bookmark this page as one of your favorites.  Remember your login page is:

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1. A Brief Overview of How to Get Started with Your TriSystem Online Program

2. Members Changing Your Password (Online Program Only, Not WordPress)


3.  How Do I Print My Shopping List?

4.  What If I Don’t See Any Meals or Workouts When I Log In?

You may have to create a new program.  Your plan is only stored in the software for 2-3 weeks from your last assessment.  I can help you with this or your Personal TriSystem Pro can.  Watch this video tutorial to learn how to assess your body fat from home and create a new program based on your changes.

5.  Where Are My Home Tape Measurements?

1. Log in to your program.
2. Click on the Progress tab in the top navigation.  There you will find charts and graphs of your weight and measurements.
3. For a history of the actual page you put the measurements in, click on the “Tape Measure Bodyfat” link on the bottom left corner of the page.  This is where you will add measurements every week or two.  In the top corner of the new measurements page is a link, a BODY FAT HISTORY link.  Click on that link and you will see a listing of all the different measurements you have taken.  You also have the ability to correct measurements you’ve already done.  Only change mistakes so you have an accurate history.

Bugs and Work-arounds

1.  Choose An Ethnicity, Not “Other“. When doing an online assessment, if you select “other” for ethnicity, professional body fat tests done by your TriSystem Fit Pro will not be saved.  If the SMM shows “N.a.N”  during an in-office body comp, remember to print the page in order to re-enter the data after choosing an ethnicity.  The default ethnicity is Caucasian.

2.  Dealing with a Fatal Error, If It Ever Happens.

2.  Members’ Shopping Lists Have Missing Foods.  I Am Working On a Way to Fix It.