Better Than a Gym!




The Basic Plan – Special Price: $349

  • A customized one-to-one meeting experience with a nationally-recognized sports nutritionist
  • Initial assessment
  • Program binder
  • TriSystem Online membership
  • One-hour program orientation





Medically Supervised Plan – Special Price: $549

Dr. Brian J Lenzkes

See Dr. Brian Lenzkes our founding physician for the TriSystem Medically Supervised Program in this video.  Dr. Lenzkes is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and voted one of the Top Doctors in San Diego, CA for 11 years.  Having Dr. Lenzkes supervise the science and results behind your  TriSystem Personal Nutrition Plan.

  • This is for clients and patients that have a need or desire for medical supervision over their nutrition and exercise program.
  • We implement the scientifically correct application of a spectrum of personal nutrition planning
    • Ketogenic Plans
    • Sports Nutrition Plans
    • Anti-inflamatory Plans
    • Food restrictive and specialized menu planning
    • We work with the full spectrum of nutritional science from vegan to ketogenic nutrition.
  • We have a team integrated approach to nutrition planning, moving towards an active lifestyle for those diagnosed with
    • Diabetes,  hyper-insulemia or insulin resistance
    • Heart Disease, hyper-lipidemia, athrosclorosis, hypertension
    • Stroke
    • Cancer
    • Digestive disorders
  • A customized one-to-one meeting experience with a nationally-recognized licensed sports nutritionist
  • Initial medical assessment including requesting specific lab tests
  • Program binder
  • TriSystem Online membership
  • One-hour program orientation
  • Exclusive programming with our TriSystem Physican, Dr.  Brian Lenzkes.

Follow-Up Sessions: $189 medical/$119 non-medical per month

  • Meet twice monthly for effective 30 minute sessions.
  • See results!
  • Make your plan more custom and “Do-able.”
  • Make changes and prevent plateaus!

Accountability monthly membership: $119 medical/$69 non-medical

Accountability: Once every 4 weeks visit for those that can’t afford a custom, hand written program, we have daily Software based custom nutrition, exercise and supplementation programs. with a one page menu template made by your TriSystem Pro to use as a guide plus daily suggestions from our  TriSystem Online group.

This is a results-oriented group dedicated to lifelong fitness and nothing is held back within the Inner System Group.
This group is composed only of the members who are truly dedicated to getting as fit as they possibly can and staying there.


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 THE TRAINING CENTER Personal Training Monthly Plans

1 hr. sessions – 30 min. training, 30 min. cardio

Single Sessions: $69, Memberships as low as $35/session

per Week 1 Month 6 Months 12 Months per Week 1 Month 6 Months 12 Months
1  $    65.00  $    60.00  $       50.00 1  $  259.00  $  239.00  $  199.00
2  $    60.00  $    55.00  $       45.00 2  $  479.00  $  439.00  $  359.00
3  $    50.00  $    45.00  $       40.00 3  $  599.00  $  539.00  $  479.00
4  $    45.00  $    40.00  $       35.00 4  $ 719.00  $  639.00  $  559.00


NEW – THE TRAINING CENTER Small Group Training Unlimited Class Pass!

New Unlimited access to over 49 specialized training sessions IN JUST 28 DAYS!

Classes are targeted 30 minute long SUPER SESSIONS.

Only a Few Memberships Left

 SALE: MONTHLY PAYMENT $119 (normally $219) 

$1200/year (Only 22 available)

FREE with most Monthly memberships*

 *Free Unlimited class pass for those with current personal training memberships training once per week or more.

Sessions are purchased at the TriSystem Center.  Call 888-538-2348 to schedule your initial consultation.