The Personal Trainer That Everyone Needs But, Can't Afford!

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We all know that Personal Training Works, but Who Can Afford it?  The fastest way to get to your fitness goals is to have a highly trained, experienced, educated fitness professional find out what you want and take you there.  Real Fitness Planning also includes much more than workouts.  It includes nutrition planning and nutritive supplements.

What do Real Personal Fitness Professionals actually do?

  • Hold you accountable to your goals and compliance to your plan
  • Customize your program so that it fits you
  • Make you do things that you probably wouldn’t do on your own.

So what is the solution if you just can’t afford $100/ hr sessions for quality training? The answer is…

TriSystem Specialized Fitness Routines

“I drive all the way from Alpine to do these workouts because I simply can’t get a workout like this anywhere else.  It’s just not something I can do on my own”
Jody Wagner, Power Mom, Alpine, CA

TriSystem Specialized Fitness Routines are contemporary workouts designed around a specific goal.  These sessions, run by a highly trained TriSystem Fitness Pro are more effective than most “Big Gym” trainer sessions at a fraction of the cost!  For Just dollars a session, you can get the best workouts of your life!

For only a Few Dollars a Workout!

Workouts are scheduled on certain days. Most classes will be offered Monday through Friday with special clinics held on Saturday. All Group Workouts are 1 hour unless noted otherwise.

New Week Day Schedule, Center hours 5am-8pm:

  • 5am – TriSystem High Power Business Executive Workout (M-Thurs)
  • 6:30am – Tri.Ho.Bam – TriSystem’s Hot Balance & Mobility Workout (In heated room) “Better than Bikram’s” (M-F)
  • 9am* – TriSystem Hot Mom Workout (on the exercise floor) (M.W,F)
  • 12:15-12:45pm* –  TriSystem Nooner “The Down & Dirty Quicky” Metabolic Blast (M-F)
  • 3pm*- TriSystem Sports Specific Athlete’s Workout (M-F)
  • 6pm – TriSystem Single and Sexy Class (T-W-Th)
  • 6:30pm  – Tri.Ho.Bam – TriSystem’s Hot Balance & Mobility Workout (In heated room) “Better than Bikram’s” (M-F)
  • 7 pm – TriSystem After-Work-Perk (M-Thurs)

*Classes During Peak Business Hours.

5am-8 pm – One-to-One Personal Training and Nutrition Counseling

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Charges don’t Start until Classes are available.

Platimum Club Membership needed current for Workout Participation: $34, month to month.  Lock in your Special Pre-Sale Rate Now!

All Class Memberships:

  • $249 for one month (Regular price: $299).
  • $229 per month for a 6 month commitment (Regular price: $279).
  • $199 per month for a 12 month commitment (Regular price: $249).

$99 per month Tri.Ho.Bam only Membership: (Regular price: $129)

$24 One “Drop in Class” for non-members.

$45 30 minute one-to-one session (Personal Training or Nutrition Counseling).

$85 60 minute one-to-one session (Personal Training or Nutrition Counseling).

 —TriSystem Cafe/Juice Bar/Pro Shop—

—Clean, Personal Showers also available for members—


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TriSystem Specialized Routines (4 comments so far)

  1. trisysteminfo

    I think this is a great idea! The Catch, if there is one is that in order for this to work, We need 4-8 people per class. THE GOAL IS 100 PEOPLE DIVIDED OVER 30 CLASSES A WEEK. I’ve helped thousands of San Diegans over the years. I need AT LEAST 60 to step up and make this work!

  2. Ali Box

    Can you simplify this at all Jeff? At first glance, there’s a lot of numbers what with the rates, class size needed, etc., that’s my general impression. Looks like a set of awesome classes! So the new center has showers & you can do heated room exercise? Nice! Hope I can come visit it.

    • trisysteminfo

      Sure, here it is, simplified: When the classes start, people can come for one group session for $27. Or, if they sign up for longer (Month, six months, or a year), the classes drop down to $9 per class or even lower.

      • trisysteminfo

        Oh yeah! and Ali, Fill out the survey to tell me what classes you’d choose or not choose and if you’d pay the monthly or not. I want to know why. When you submit the completed survey, I’ll tell you how to get this for free. I need as many opinions on this as I can get because, the interest in these workouts is pivotal to determining the size and location of my new center.