Are San Diegan’s “Fitness Smart?”

What is your Fit Body IQ?

So, what do YOU have to do to get more Fit?

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San Diego, CA FitBody Quiz (a research survey)



Common Misleading Marketing messages San Diegans are shown

Lie#1: Low Cost Big Gyms will get you results!

Wrong! $10 a month memberships are good for business and bad for fitness. These gyms are counting on members joining, paying and not going. These are fitness facilities that discourage grunting or actually trying to exercise with effective intensity. If gym cleanliness is more important than getting an effective workout, you know you’re in the wrong place. Look at all the sweaty people at the gym. Even the religious ones who are there most days of the week seem to just be spinning their wheels like a hamster on a wheel. Even the ones who go aren’t getting results. According to International Health, Racquet & Sports-club Association Research: 40% of gym members in traditional gyms have not even gone once in the last six months…

Not Us! We care about our members and getting them results. We change lives and our members KEEP their results!

Lie#2: Home workout programs will get you results!

The convenience of working out at home let’s you workout anytime you want, saving drive time to the gym, membership fees and you can wear whatever you want.  WRONG!  Independent research shows: Less than half of those who buy home workout programs actually do them long enough to see ANY result!

Not US! Training with our instructors ensures you work at the most effective intensity, using proper technique and doing things you wouldn’t do on your own.

Lie#3:  You have to workout for at least an hour and more is always better to get you results!

 WRONG! The goal of any workout is to properly stimulate not annihilate the body.  Sending the proper message for change is the purpose of exercise.  Beating yourself up just defeats the purpose.  Over-training causes injury and just gets you further from your goal.  Study after study has shown that 30 minute planned, specifically sequenced workouts are as good or better than longer workouts.

 Our workouts are efficient, effective and bring faster results with a lower incidence of injury.  Why waste time?

Lie#4: You need to do low reps for strength and size and high reps for trimming and toning.

INCORRECT!  This is an over simplification of a more complex process that occurs in the muscle.  Time is more important than repetition.  This is commonly called the principle of “time under tension.”

Our workouts are designed with specific training and rest intervals that emphasize time over repetition for faster results.

Lie#5: You can eat what ever you want if you workout hard enough.

NOT!  No amount of exercise can make up for a poor diet.  What about eating right? If you ask most Americans if they eat healthy they say, “Yes!” It’s obvious Americans don’t know what eating right means because most are FAT.

Our nutrition plans work because they are custom.  Everyone is different, We find the right nutrition formula that works for YOU.

 Lie#6: All supplements are a waste of money.  You don’t need supplements to be healthy and fit.

Wrong!  The fundamental strategy for fat loss is to eat less calories than you burn so that your body uses stored fat calories to make up the difference.  The problem is that nutrients and calories are connected in food.  Cutting calories ultimately decreases nutrient intake.  Nutrient deficiencies can slow metabolism.  How can we increase nutrients without calories?  With quality nutritive, food-based supplements.

We recommend specific nutrients for specific clients to get specific results!

If you are a fitness enthusiast with vision, ready to work along side other highly motivated fitness enthusiasts and athletically minded people, we have a place for you!  It’s different, new and best of all, you get results like never before.  You get results doing new and unique things, not found anywhere else!



  • TriSystem is currently conducting research to determine san Diego’s Fitness IQ .

  •  TriSystem is working on a custom solution to improve the Fitness Habits of San Diegans.

  • World Class Sports Nutrition counseling and programs.

  • Centrally located!

  • Special Events.

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