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"Learn how TriSystem EDGE can Kick Start your Mood, Metabolism and Recovery - Starting with the First Dose! "

Father and SonHi, My Name is Jeff Kotterman…

 I’m a Sports Nutritionist in San Diego, CA and the creator of TriSystem EDGE .  For the last 25 years I’ve been helping people get healthy and fit.  From battling heart disease, cancer and diabetes to breaking world records, I’ve helped people get better.  I’ve studied and used  combinations of nutrients and herbs to help people exercise.  If you’re going to sweat, you might as well get the most out of YOUR workout.  That’s why I made TriSystem EDGE, to help people bust through sticking points!

This is me!
This is me!

Whether you’re trying to get off the couch or break a world record, it all starts with the choice to be BETTER and take it to the next level,  No matter what, you’ve got to:

  • Be in the right mood to get it done.

  • Have the energy to do what it takes.

  • Be prepared to do it again tomorrow!

I am all too familiar with training and progress plateaus. It can be SO FRUSTRATING to think you are doing all of the right things but not seeing the results you want! Because of THIS, I have worked for years on developing new combinations of antioxidants, botanicals and minimally-processed nutrients into new and unique supplements.

That’s what TriSystem EDGE is all about.

“I took the feedback from 5000+ satisfied clients, over 25 years of research and 2 separate human trials to create…

The TriSystem EDGE All-Natural Supplement!!”

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What Does It Do?

  • It Gets Your Body in Exercise Mode

  • It Enhances Your Metabolism

  • It Gets changes happening in your body faster.


For Faster Results, with all Natural Ingredients and no Harmful Drugs!  This is not just a pre-workout supplement, but a complete exercise metabolism and hormone support system regardless of your fitness level.

EDGE metabolismTriSystem EDGE is:


  2. VEGAN Safe.

  3. All Natural.

  4. Grown and made in America

Order TriSystem EDGE today and I’ll include my special discount reserved for my Premium Inner Circle of Clients.

EDGE Recovery

Inside This Nutrient Packed Supplement…

  • A Complete, All-In-One Pre and Post workout supplement.
  • Designed so you can actually feel it working! 
  • It actually motivates you to have a good workout.
  • Natural, fast-acting botanicals (ingredients)
  • Burn fat and build muscle.
  • Packed with natural antioxidants
  • The healthy way to get the most out of your hard work.

Noble Before AfterEDGE

See more results…

NOTE: This product was designed for those who have specific health, performance or fitness goals, although, it will work for those who generally want to live healthier and prevent disease. I take this supplement daily.


This is an all-natural nutritional supplement, not a medication.

What’s in it?

The ingredients contained in this supplement are intended for general health benefits only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. More…

Supplement Facts

Don’t Forget…
You Get Special Pricing Reserved For My Personal Clients if Ordered By:

  Hurry, this is a limited time offer!

Normally sold for $56.

TriSystem EDGE

Your Price: $41.99

Buy 2 or more bottles together and SAVE even more!

3 EDGE bottles bundled

Jeff KottermanIf you know me, you know my main concern is giving great nutrition and fitness advice.  You also get a health and fitness advocate who only recommends the best products and negotiates on your behalf, for the best price! (use coupon code: challenge$ for an additional 5% discount on purchases of 2 or more ).

Note: This is a highly specialized natural supplement… that will immediately be MAILED to you or you can request an “in-store pick-up” and save shipping cost.  You will receive a receipt  via email after purchasing.  Please verify your proper billing and shipping addresses are accurate for quick delivery.

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Jeff Kotterman

Helping you do what you love to do, better for over 25 years!

Jeff Kotterman

NASN Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist

Creator of TriSystem EDGE

Director of the National Association of Sports Nutrition


100% Positive Reviews
  • Brian Bell
5 out of 5
Rating by Brian Bell:

After researching the potential benefits behind this supplement I decided to give Tri-System Edge a shot. I have been taking this product a little over a month now . I take it in the morning with breakfast; it is very easy to take. I am really happy with the results! I work a very laborious job and live an active lifestyle. I will say that I have experienced a significant increase in my overall energy levels. Taking TSE was generally beneficial to my muscle recovery, immune functionality, and overall health. You definitely get your bang for your buck. If you truly want an “Edge” I recommend this product to everyone.

  • Julie Kirk
5 out of 5
Rating by Julie Kirk:

I am someone who has not exercised very much in my lifetime. I have plateaued for years and just didn’t have the “want to.” I recently heard about EDGE and started taking it pre and post workout. I not only began to lose weight, build muscle and recover faster, but I found I was just happier! I never expected it to affect my mood in such a positive way…and I’m a positive person. Being a health nut I have a critical eye toward ingredients in supplements and was very pleased to find EDGE was not only all natural, but the herbs included were of the highest quality. Now I’m pumped to work out every day. Go figure…and go try it!

  • Shawn Horn
5 out of 5
Rating by Shawn Horn:

At the suggestion of my nutritionist I incorporated this supplement into my daily diet and exercise. After finishing my first bottle I’m happy with the additional energy boost I get during my morning workout without the jitters I was getting from other supplements. I should mention I have a sensitive stomach and there were no side effects from this supplement. It also is great to get these herbs in one dose versus previously taking numerous supplements to get the same benefits.

  • Noble Craver II
5 out of 5
Rating by Noble Craver:

I love this product! It gives me that extra EDGE to get up early in the morning and get my workout done, but it also keeps me going throughout the day with energy. I have noticed an extra spring in my step and a smile on my face. It has also helped with my metabolism and recovery tremendously. I have lost over 30lbs so far and I now have that extra EDGE to propel myself even further!

  • Erin Martin
5 out of 5
Rating by Erin Martin:

Lately going to the gym has been more like a chore rather than a release. I guess you could say I was not very motivated and when I did go my head was not in the game. After being introduced to EDGE, my mood started to change making me want to work out harder. It’s natural supplement has great effects without the accelerated heart rate or jitters like others. I am completely satisfied with the product and they have gained a lifetime customer. Get your head in the game and get EDGE – you won’t regret it.

  • Jody Wagner

    5 out of 5
    Rating by Jody Wagner:

    Fabulous product that has helped me get closer to my fitness goal. I am more motivated now than ever before.

  • Mike Rossi

    5 out of 5
    Rating by Mike Rossi:

    Since the challenge started, I have been hitting the gym at 5 am when it opens. Some days it’s tough to get out of bed and get there on time, and that’s where EDGE kicks in. While it’s up to me to get out of bed, EDGE helps me focus and gets me going when I get there to have the best workout, day in and day out. Additionally, I know the micro-nutrients are in my system to help me stay healthy throughout the day, especially when stress hits my life.

  • Paul mcFall

    5 out of 5
    Rating by Paul McFall:

    The EDGE has really given me an extra burst of energy for my workouts. My recovery is faster and I feel more motivated to stay with my fitness program.

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