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NEWS FLASH: It’s a Family Affair!

Twenty one years ago, Tina and I started TriSystem here in San Diego.  Through raising our children and supporting family living with us, we have kept TriSystem going through it all.  Together, Tina and I along with Kathy and the rest of our TriSystem team, have grown and adapted our nutrition, exercise and supplementation programs to continue to be the most contemporary, research based and effective of anywhere else.  No one does what we do, the way we do it.

For a time, Tina limited her clients to just a few with special needs and in-home training requirements.  Over the last two decades together, we have been in the center and in homes doing everything from shopping with clients to building home gyms and, of course, training at the center.  With the recent new changes in nutrition planning and training, you will see more of our whole family participating at the TriSystem Center.  Noah, Kaetlyn, Tina and I are working together to bring a collaborative service that is more effective and customized than ever before. 

*Tina is now adding additional training session availability to her schedule.  If you’d like to train with Tina please respond in the form below and specifically request her.  Her sessions are filling up quickly.

  • We are now medically supervised by our medical director, Dr. Brian Lenzkes, one of the most recognized physicians in San Diego available for consultation
  • We have new nutrition planning that includes the full spectrum of eating styles from vegan to ketogenic, we have the expertise to develop the individual menus that fit you best.
  • We have new exercise programs that are really effective for those with joint issues or conditions that prohibit traditional exercise.  We are now working with Dr. Ben Bocchicchio to provide his innovative S.Ma.R.T. training.
  • We have also included the Intermittent fasting protocol and research from Dr. Jason Fung.
  • We now have a doctor of Physical Therapy,  Dr. Marc Robinson available for consultations.

Take some time to get a free assessment and see if you can be a part of all the new things going on at the TriSystem Center.

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