Better Than a Gym!

The New TriSystem Center

Not a Gym…a Destination for Lifelong Results!

What makes the TriSystem Center thrive?  We get to the core of why people exercise.  Everyone should, not everyone does and even those that do, rarely do it effectively, efficiently and most eventually fall out of it.  Not with TriSystem.  People who exercise see the benefit in their efforts and their results.  People who exercise for a lifetime are motivated by special goals and desires.  Those goals are what push us to rise above what we were to what we are and wake us up again tomorrow, motivated by what we will be.  We call it the TriSystem EDGE.  What is yours?

Is your EDGE a performance goal?  Are you getting ready for an event, a try-out, and academy or a school?  We specialize in that.

Is your EDGE an aesthetic goal?  Are you getting ready for a photo-shoot, a physique based competition or your wedding day?  We do that like no one else.

Is your EDGE a fitness goal?  Are you just trying to lose fat, build strength, flexibility, or cardiovascular endurance? We find your unique formula for success.

TriSystem Center

1.  Our elite military and law enforcement go through special training that everyone can take advantage of through our HARD CORPS NATION club specializing in authentic Marine Corps training.

2.  From home fitness to gym fitness, everyone has a unique formula, we just have to find yours with our TriSystem Fitness club specializing in custom, non-traditional fitness programs.

3.  Play a Sport?  Want to be better? What better way than to learn from a Professional athlete with the Jeff Hughes Sports Performance Club specializing in Soccer.

One Club, Dual Club or All Club memberships on sale soon!

Tapping into the vast network of military and law enforcement organizations, from boot camp prep to wounded warriors we are a friend to the military in San Diego.  From mud run prep to obstacle course races and events to Spartan race prep and our own Boot Camp Olympics this facility caters to the complete fitness based market.

Tapping into the most popular sport in the world and the vast network of soccer clubs in San Diego, our resident professional athlete, pro Soccer player Jeff Hughes leads the way in the latest in sports performance and soccer skill development at our cutting edge performance center including a competition ready turf field.

If you know San Diego, you know we are an active community who enjoys all the latest trends in fitness.  The days of going to the gym and moving from one selectorized machine to another are gone.  It’s time to abandon old school, inefficient ways of training and experience contemporary integration of nutrition, exercise and supplementation at the TriSystem Center.


  • an outdoor Training complete with military obstacles, some bleachers
  • an indoor sports performance with a full indoor soccer field, some seating
  • a full fitness and performance indoor group training area for classes from pilates to MMA type training and one to one training as well
  • nutrition counseling offices
  • his and hers Locker room, bathroom and showers
  • classroom area with  optional small kitchen for teaching, food prep.
  • pro-shop
  • professional offices for physical therapist rental, chiropractor rental, massage therapist rental
  • reception area
  • sales office
  • accounting office
  • owner/manager’s office


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