Better Than a Gym!

Low Carb Food and Wine Tasting!

You don’t have to be in “Food Jail” to be healthy. At least that’s what we think in our Low Carb San Diego Community. You can eat healthy, actively prevent disease and improve health eating low carb high fat and still enjoy great food! This is an ABSOLUTELY FREE event but, there is a price of admission! The cost is that YOU bring a tasty low carb/high fat recipe that 12-15 people can sample as part of a meal. We need, appetizers, s, desserts that PAIR WEEK WITH OUR WINE TASTING and fit our healthy lifestyle. Please come and share your favorites. Message Jeff Kotterman with what you are planning to bring ahead of time so we have an idea of what’s coming. We will all be actively posting to see how this night is going to go. We are so excited. Doug and Pam will be providing Low carb wines to taste and we will be playing the movie, “The Magic Pill.” I hope you can come and bring friends to see how fun and tasty our community can really be! Be prepared to share recipes. Bring the recipe for your dish to share.

6 pm, Tuesday, June 26th.

The TriSystem Center. Better than a Gym.

8898 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., Suite J, San Diego, California 92123
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