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Jeff Kotterman Receives Official Title…

I am pleased to announce that I've been selected to be the Official Pageant Physique Consultant for the Miss California Intercontinental Pageants.  This includes consulting for the Junior T.E.E.N California and The Miss T.E.E.N California Pageants as well.  Miss California Intercontinental is the official state preliminary to the Miss United States Intercontinental Pageant. The coveted tiara that the winner of this pageant wears is the most expensive crown used in all of the events of this nature, valued as it is at 335,000 USD.  The pageants will be Presented by AJ Beauty, the pageants will be held the spring of 2013 in Southern California. 

Because of my strong convictions towards good health and a healthy physique, I am an advocate of conveying a balanced, healthy image in a community where beauty, high standards and the American obesity epidemic intersect.  There is still a lingering stigma among the ignorant  that pageantry promotes unhealthy, underweight  images of women destined for the fashion runway.  At the same time the standard of acceptable and healthy weight keeps rising as the average American gets heavier and heavier each year.

As a Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist and the current Director of the National Association of Sports Nutrition, I am proud to have the opportunity to consult these fine young women and to provide the latest nutrition and exercise strategies for optimum results.  It has become more difficult than ever to maintain a healthy body in this highly technological, fast paced society.  Mindful eating and purposeful exercise just seem to be more of an idea rather than a reality.  With 2013 fast approaching, the up and coming women of our modern society are not only exposing themselves to the traditional challenges of pageantry but, also the hyper criticism of being viewed as too thin or too fat or both by the scrutinizing public.

It is my job as the official pageant physique consultant for these pageants to ensure these women achieve their personal best and to validate  that they are as healthy and as happy as they can be.  I provide professional assessment, program development and follow up that includes specific nutrition and exercise advice.  My experience has spanned over 20 years with thousands of clients, many who have achieved different titles in all walks of life.  For more information about how I can help you present your best at your next pageant go to and tell me more about you or just call 858-694-0317 and ask for Jeff.

If you'd like a reference, any of the women below will gladly speak on my behalf or just ask Liz Eddy or Robin Senne.

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