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FREE Low Carb San Diego Seminar

It’s that time of year again!  Time to reset, plan and consider the new year ahead.  This is the time for us to get back to the basics and refresh the fundamentals of what a healthy lifestyle is all about.  That starts with our daily habits, eating being foremost.  Several clients and friends on our email list and in social media have established a good routine.  Now it is time to invite others to join us in our success.  We’ve been asked to do a repeat version of what we did last year and we have a new and improved version of the low carb seminar classes we did last year at Foothills Christian Church in El Cajon.  This year, they will be at the Grove Church in Mission Valley, San Diego starting:

Tuesday, January 15th at 6:30 pm, with monthly follow up meetings.

Dr, Brian Lenzkes and Jeff Kotterman (me) are really excited about this year’s seminar.  We learned a lot from the first one and now we have the chance to have it in an incredible venue.  The Grove Church SD is a growing congregation centrally located with a sanctuary that can hold 500 people.  Last year, at Foothills, we had close to 200 people at our sessions.  This year we have a chance to include all who came last year and many more.  This will give a chance for Grove members to hear a compatible scientific basis for a low carb, healthy living that is faith-friendly.

So it’s your job to spread the word!  Share this event with friends, family, coworkers and anyone you hope would make healthy choices in 2019.  I know you know people that could use a fun crash course in “Keto 101.”  We need to spread the word now, so people can put this on their calendar.  Don’t miss the chance to save someone from a catastrophic health event in 2019.  This is your chance to help.

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