Better Than a Gym!

Don’t Miss the June 16th Meeting!

There are so many good reasons to come to this month’s San Diego Low Carb Community meeting.

Hey! If you are low carb, high fat, keto, intermittent fasting, macro fasting. cycle dieting, reverse dieting, long fasting or any combination of the above, you need to go to this FREE meeting at

The TriSystem Center
8898 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, Suite J
San Diego, CA 9207

  • It’s time to do metabolic testing again and see if there has been a change in your resting metabolic rate. For most, it has been 90 days since our first meeting at the center. Now you get to compare measurements. Don’t worry if you haven’t done it yet, there is always a first time and it could be at this meeting. MEMBERS GET A SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT.
  • Speaking Topics include:
    • Keto treats and innovative keto ice cream inventors
    • Supplementation.
    • High risk populations and the incidence of diabetes and diabetes related disease.
    • World Class keto bodybuilding
    • The NEW NASN Course that can make you a keto practitioner



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