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Crushed Samples in the Mail!

Well, of course, clients who can't get the the TriSystem Center, and those who have moved out of town, and those who have just heard about the new supplement and want to try it, have been sending in their registration forms from all over the country.  That's great right?  The simple solution:  send the packets I've been handing out in the mail.  I just took the packets that we put together,

and the US postal service did not handle my envelopes with care.  I don't know what I was expecting.  Obviously, the envelope sorters squeeze the envelopes and it was enough to crush the samples.  Bummer!

Not to worry!  We have repackaged the mail order samples in a plastic case with bubble wrap and we will be resending samples out to those who have registered for the test group.  The new sample packs look like this:

Test Group 1 is growing everyday as is the interest.  We already have significant feedback from the group.  We still need as many survey's as we can get to make this test satisfactory for full production.  Initial data shows:

  • an effective dosage starts at 2 tablets before and 1 after.  Everyone felt the best effects at the full dosage of 3 before.  If you are already consuming green tea, coffee or other caffeinated beverages, you may consider starting with 2 before and 1 after for your first workout and 3 before and 3 after for your second workout.  Results are showing that the recommended dosage on our packaging is going to be:  Take 1 packet of 3 before and 1 packet of 3 tablets after workout.
  • everyone seems to like the same 2-3 choices of product name.
  • most are recommending a $40 per box price point.

Anyone who is exercising regularly (beginners to advanced athletes) can participate in this study a rate the benefits of taking this combination of herbs.  If you qualify and agree to complete the survey for each dosage taken,  register below:




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