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Costume Party! Saturday, October 26th

In case you don’t have Facebook or you didn’t see the post, YOUR INVITED! Please come!

The San Diego Low Carb USA Community is having a free Keto Potluck and Costume Party for our October Meeting. It doesn’t cost anything except you have to bring a keto friendly dish that provides enough small portions for about 20 people to try. We are looking for main dishes (protein and fat) side dishes and, of course, Halloween Treats. Bring the recipe for those interested so they can snap a picture of it and try it on their own. The other requirement is that you be “in costume.” Yes, come on! Join the fun, be festive and dress up as something. It doesn’t have to be this big elaborate thing, but at least show some effort. We’ve made it a requirement. This will be a great chance to get to know each other in the Low carb San Diego Community. This is a social event. Several of the big names in Low Carb SD will be there. There will be no speakers. This is a party. Come have some low carb fun!

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