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Did you Miss the Nutrition Seminar? Well Here it is….

Thank you all for coming back on the 12th to listen to me talk again on nutrition.  If you missed it, you can watch it or re-watch it below.  I got a lot of positive feedback from those who attended.  They say they were motivated by it.  The talk was called, “Eating for Pleasure and Benefit.”    Here is a flyer that was my second choice.  It is a good graphic of what is explained in  the presentation:

Challenge Nutrition Seminar

Watch the seminar here:

So what you missed last week’s seminar, here it is…

Don’t let missing last week’s seminar stop you from coming tonight!   You can catch up by watching the April fifth seminar here:

Now that you’ve watched last week’s talk here are some things you should review and do to make tonight a little easier.

You should have an Inner Circle account by now.  That is an email address and password to log in to your online program here .  If you still don’t and you are planning on doing the challenge, go here and fill in name, email and phone to get your FREE account.

If you haven’t done your assessment yet, watch this short video to get an overview of what you’ll be doing.  You can use a tape measure if you have one or not.

If you have already completed your assessment, there is a great Guide for accessing your TriSystem Online Program.  Just click the hyperlink or find it on the website under extras.

online guide

A great overview video in the guide is this video. It shows an older home home page.  The home page has been updated since then but the online program overview is the same.  Click on the link or just watch it below.

Totally New TriSystem!

New Website

  • New Logo

  • New Website

  • New Programs

  • New Prices

  • New Products

Check it out:

The Real Pre-register Form

Okay, the other form wasn’t working.  I’m not a computer genius by any means, so I’m going to need you to pre-register for free, again.  Let me tell you the benefits of RSVPing below.


  • You get an instant discount code for the Challenge.


  • If you pre-register, and bring 3 people to the seminar and they do the Challenge with you, they get your discount and you get to do the challenge for about half price.


  • If you pre-register, and bring 6 people to the seminar and they do the Challenge with you, they get your discount and you get to do the challenge for FREE.

This Contest is Getting Really Good, VOTE Again!

Okay, to be really fair, the votes TODAY have firmly decided the name….

TriSystem Edge

Get the Edge on Your Mood, Metabolism &Recovery

Is the overwhelming favorite!  It wouldn't be fair to vote on logos that weren't that name.  The votes for Edge were 7 times more than the second place name.  So there it is, we have to vote again, on just the Edge logos to see who the winner is.  Vote again Please!! 

Vote Here

You Should be Able to See All Posts and Articles

I've solved the problem.  The membership plug in and the Facebook plug ins were not allowing people to see my posts and articles without membership.  All my posts are supposed to be free and accessible.  The only post that people can't see is the ingredients to the new supplement I'm working on.  Everything else should be viewable.  If it's not, please tell me!

Jeff Kotterman

Home Page and Log in Page Maintenance May 30th, 2012

May 30th –  Website Home page and log in page issue.

Email me at and I can email you a link that will get you into your program.  The site should be fixed by tomorrow. Member Services hours


Hey motivated TriSystem Members! I know you have questions about your program, maybe even some problems from time to time. We have solutions! I have answers. Contact me at or, for you old-school members, 858-694-0317. Keep in mind, we maintain a healthy, fit balance by closing Saturday and Sunday. A late Friday request may not be answered until Monday. Don't freak out! We love you and will take care of you during business hours.

The New TriSystem starts here!

You have come to this site before it's official launch.  Please be patient.

This is still under construction.

The whole family of TriSystem Programs is about the get a major upgrade.  Stay tuned!