Better Than a Gym!

Better Roundhouse Kicks, Gauranteed!

This Workout was designed Specifically for martial artist Neil Saffer as part of his Complete TriSystem Sports Performance Plan.  He is also on Specific TriSystem Menus and Supplements.  He will kick better in 30 days, Guaranteed!

Remember to Turn up your Volume!


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Comments: Better Roundhouse Kicks, Gauranteed!

    Commented:  July 4, 2012 at 6:45 am

    Emails like this make it all worth it!

    Hi Jeff. It's Neil Saffer. I'm really happy with the exercises you showed me to help with my hips. They seem to be helping a lot. I'd like to meet with you again and learn some exercises to address the groin/adductors and also hip flexors. I'd like to increase strength, flexibility, and range or motion in these two areas. I think if I can improve in these two areas my roundhouse kicks would get better. Thanks, Neil Saffer

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