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And the Winner is…

After a large test of over 200 doses of the new supplement, TriSystem Edge and another 22 people in a focus group, the logo and price have been determined.  I want to thank all in the Alpha test group who diligently participated in the study and gave clear, objective feedback.  I am confident that I have a solid product that effectively puts you in the mood to exercise, helps you build muscle and burn fat while your exercising and then protects your body and helps you recover after the workout is over.  I always knew that the core of the product was excellent and that it would be unlike what is already out there.  The hard part now is to make it attractive to the masses.  This product is so diverse, the packaging is going to be challenging.  It is good for those who want health and fitness and those who are already there.  It is good for those who want a supplement that is going to kick them in the pants and for those who need only a mild push.  The study and focus groups show that based on the dosage, you get a different experience.  Only those who have a long history of stimulant use or those rare genetic "freaks" (I say that with love) did not consciously feel the supplement working. But even for those, TriSystem Edge has such a metabolic and antioxidant value that it is still worth it, even if you are immune to the mood altering effect.

Yes, I know you want to know who won the contest.  Be patient!  Not everyone Is going to be happy with our choice of logo but, the majority will be quit satisfied with it.  Each choice was the winner by several votes.  The new logo is…

It is a good choice and as it appears throughout the internet and on the product, we may take some artistic license and vary it a little bit.  Well, on to the price.  There was a wide range of suggested prices but, the majority of those who responded were within a few dollars of the actual price.  Averaging everyone's response resulted in a price that made both industry and marketing sense.  Focus groups really have value. 

I've been recommending various combinations of the herbs in TriSystem Edge for years.  Milk thistle has been a TriSystem pre and post workout supplement for decades.  When I started recommending it, no one seemed to know about it.  A healthy liver makes for a health person.  The liver is where the body uses essential fats to start the hormone building process.  Human proteins are assembled in the liver.  Well my recommendations for supplementation pre and post workout grew as I learned of the benefit of the combination of herbs TriSystem Edge now has.  It has been these six different herbs for almost 2 years now and although the benefits were obvious, my clients just didn't want to take 6 different capsules within minutes of working out and then again, right after.  Finding and purchasing the ingredients was a whole other inconvenience.  You have to drive around town or even if you purchase them from the largest internet supplement retailer, the one with the best prices, it is expensive.  I know, I have been buying them for myself.  The best price per month form the individual ingredients I could find is $75.60.  I rationalized and said, "Well, at least it's less than a tank of gas."   These were some of the reasons that drove me to create TriSystem Edge.  Now I can provide a quality product for around half that price! Why wouldn't I do it?  Well, it costs time money and effort up front to do it, but, I think it's worth it, don't you?

I know you want to know who the winner is,  I'll tell you!  First, let's reveal the winning retail prices.  At around half price of what you can get the separate ingredients for and even less for my Inner Circle of members the price is…

Box of 40 packets retail Price: 


Individual packets of 3 tablets retail Price:


Now we go go into production and if you want to pre-purchase then, you can get them for even less here.

Oh Yeah!  The Winner.  That's why you're reading this post in the first place.  The winner is a NASN student personal trainer and Student Sports Nutritionist, studying to be one of the best.  He is working hard to raise a family and is passionate about fitness.  Congratulations for picking the correct name, logo and being the closest to the retail price of the product.

The winner is…

NASN student, Seth Martins.  Seen here with his family (he is the one standing), I'm sure Seth will appreciate $349 TriSystem dollars to use for himself or give to someone else.  Seth, call me at 858-694-0317 to redeem your certificate.

Oh, and by-the-way.  if you just wanted to know the winning results, you could have just gone here.  I'm joking.   Thanks for reading my posts.  Those that really read what I have to say are the people I really want to work with.  Please…

Let's help each other do what we love to do better, together!

Jeff Kotterman <><

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